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    ITIA Successfully Host the 4th China Tourism Projects Investment Conference 2014 in Beijing

    Published Date:2014-6-14    Posted by:    Hits:1913

    The 4th China Tourism Projects Investment Conference 2014, as the premier event of its kind in China, was successfully held during June 13-14 in Beijing. The Conference was organized by the well-known International Tourism Investment Association (ITIA), the first and only non-governmental organization serving for tourism investment and development enterprises in Asia. Besides, Beijing Davost Intelligence Group, AECOM, D & J Global Communications Group, China Tourist Servicer, Guangzhou Zhihui Resort Management Co., and City and Tourism Institute of Ifeng also participated in the preliminary organization.
    The Conference has attracted famous tourism investment companies, local governors, finance institutes professors, servicers and top international brands from more than 200 organizations both at home and abroad, making it warm atmosphere and hot scene.

    The Opening Session
    As Mr. Che Shujian, president of ITIA, noted at the opening session, the 4th Conference placed prime emphasis on how to improve quality of tourism investment project, for quality concerns enterprises' sustainable development and its vitality. He pointed that only boutique and competitive projects could lead enterprises to continuing growth and sustainable development.

    Key Issue and features of the Conference 2014
    Poor project quality, the weakness and issue facing current China tourism industry is absolutely what the Conference 2014 sought to solve. And so for that, the Conference decreased speeches, but increased the public panel discussion to significantly discuss the issue with guest speakers, moderators and audiences.
    Six topics for debate were “Where to find the Tourism Boutique Projects in China?”, “Introduction and Innovation of Tourism Products”, “Which is Better, Large Tourism Project or Small One?”, “Comparison Between Resource-oriented Projects and Market-oriented Ones”, “Which Do You Prefer, Rapidly Invested Project or Steadily Crafted One?”, “Which is More Principle to Tourism Projects, Capital or Intelligence?”.
    Internationalization, in fact, had been another feature of the Conference 2014. Participation of world entertainment brands like Paramount Pictures, Fox Film, BBC Worldwide indicates that China tourism investment industry has fully connected with the outside world.

    Keynote Speeches
    Professor Mr. Zhu Dake, China’s famous cultural criticism scholar, gave a keynote speech on the morning of the first day. He made penetrating analysis of collision and reconciliation of economic values and cultural views in Tourism Development, saying that China tourism development should depend on humanity to create a win-win situation of both economic and cultural values. It provided an important and guided view to China tourism development.
    Mr. Wang Xuguang, Executive Director and CEO of Haichang Holdings LTD., which is the leading marine-themed-park enterprise in China, made a vivid outlooks on development trend of China marine-themed parks in his keynote speech.

    Promotion Projects Session
    During the two days event, the conference host invited two special guests, Prof. Guo Laixi (Chief Consultant & Director of ITIA Consultant Committee, founder of Geography Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science) and Mr. Fang Xiaorong (President of ITIA Council, former Vice General Manager of China National Travel Service Group Corporation, former General Manager of China Travel Service) to comment promotion projects from Jiangsu Kunshan Tourism Resorts, Sipsongpanna Meilun Tourism Resorts and so on.

    Business Social Activity
    Night of China Tourism Investment Banquet, sponsored by Jiangsu Zhongyang Group, also attracted speakers and industrial elites to spend a lovely night together.

    ITIAICC Launching Meeting
    International Tourism Investment Association International Cooperation Commission (ITIAICC) was announced on the second day, June 14th. It is an advisory body to International Tourism Investment Association, to be composed of about 30 international seniors and experts in tourism investment with the task of introducing and spreading successful experience and practices in tourism investment worldwide.

    About the Conference
    Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is known as Sunrise Industry because of its long-term good prospects. Now China's vibrant tourism industry has shown rapid development trend. With the development of stable acceleration of China's tourism industry, and under the Government guidance, the investment of most tourism projects has gradually taken the private or enterprise investment as its main mode.
    China Tourism Projects Investment Conference, which is initialized by International Tourism Investment Association, has become the biggest, highest and most authoritative annual conference in this area in China. Back to the last three annual conferences, great discussion and debates have been made from the range of industrial investment and financing, project planning, design to building and marketing. The Conference has acted as a wide net connecting fund holders, investors, local resources, servicers and operators together in this industrial big party.
    This year, a fundamental issue is upon us, that is, since a successful tourism project could lead to a successful investment, what guarantees the former one? Resources or funds, wisdom or experience, minds or market? With the theme of “Looking for Boutique and Competitive Projects to Bring Forth A New Era of Tourism Investment”, the 2014 Conference invited 50 eminent speakers from world top tourism companies and the biggest tourism investment organizations in China to discuss it with more than 300 participants and 50 medias. Also, the Conference provided investment attraction and financing service for tourism projects of local governments and companies.
    According to ITIA General Director Mr. Wang Qi, the Conference 2015 will be scaled up and set new exhibition session.