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    List of The 4th China Tourism Investment ITIA Award Winners Unveiled

    Published Date:2015-2-13    Posted by:    Hits:1246


     1. Man of the Year Award

    Mr. Wang Jianlin
    The Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd


     2. Pioneer Award

    Mr. Hu Tenghe
    The Managing Director of CITICPE
    Mr. Cao Xiaoning
    The CEO of China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd
    Mr. Sang Xiaoqing
    The President of Hengdian World Studios Co., Ltd
    Mr. Wang Xuguang
    The CEO of Haichang Holdings Ltd 
    Mr. Li Gang
    The General Manager of CITS Co., Ltd

    Mr. Wu Guoping
    The Chairman of Wuxi Lingshan Industrial Co., Ltd  
    Mr. Chen Xianghong
    The CEO of Beijing Wtown Tours Co., Ltd
    Ms. Yang Liping
    The Chairman of Yunnan Yang Culture Communication Co., Ltd
    Mr. Zhang Lin
    The CEO of the Wanda Culture Industry Group
    Mr. Shen Bo
    The Chairman of Dragon City Tourism Holding Group

    3. Lifetime Achievement Award 
    Mr. Shao Qiwei
    Former Chairman of CNTA

    Mr. Ren Kelei
    Former CEO of OCT Group

    Mr. Zhang Xiaoke
    The Chairman ofTCG.SHAANXI

       4. Best Tourism Project Award
    Wu Zhen
         5. Best Tourism Complex Project Award

        Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
    6. Best Theme Park Project Award
    Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou

    Changzhou China Dinosaur Park
    7. Best Hot Spring Tourism Project Award
    Tianmu Lake Yushui Hotspring
    Angsana Tengchong Hot Spring Village
    8. Best Historical and Cultural Theme Tourism Project Award
    The Grand Canal, Hangzhou
    Hong Village, Anhui
    Shuhe Old Town, Yunnan
    9. Best Ecotourism Project Award
    Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan
    Mt.Moganshan Naked Stables Private Reserve, Zhejiang
    Baishi Mountain, Hebei
    10.  Best Tourism Performing Art Award
    "Encore  PingYao"
    "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow "
    "The Legend of Kung Fu"
    11. Best Tourism Hotel Award
    Hangzhou Amanfayun Resort
    Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort
    12. Best Tourism Investment Destination Award
    Dali, Yunnan
    Guilin, Guangxi
    13. Best Tourism Development Area Award
    Thousand-island Lake Tourism Resort, Zhejiang
    Yili Valley, Xinjiang
    14.Most Potential Tourism Investment Destination Award
    Martime Silk Road
    An’shun, Guizhou
    15. Best Tourism Investment Organization Award
    Songcheng Group
    16.  Best Tourism Investment Service Organization Award
    China Tourism Performing Arts Alliance
    17. Best Tourism Operator Award
    National Palace Museum, Taipei
    18. Best Tourism Project Planning and Design Award
    Beijing Yanqi Lake Capital Guest House by AECOM
    Xiachao by Xiayan Group Ltd.
    19.  Best Tourism Investment Benefits Project Award
    Hangzhou Songcheng
    Impression-Liu Sanjie
    20. Best Tourism Industry Innovation Award
    Wuzhen Theatre Festival
    Anji Campsort Tea Valley Resort, Zhejiang