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    The Xuanshan Island Ocean Leisure Tourism Base Project

    Published Date:2013-11-27    Posted by:    Hits:1113

    Project Name  The Xuanshan Island Ocean Leisure Tourism Base Project

    Project Context and Conditions

    The Liuheng Island has pleasant climate, beautiful scene, characteristic islands and rich ocean culture. It is an excellent site of leisure and tourism. With the improvement of tis popularity an the completion fo the Liuheng-Ningbo port- release road. Liuheng will surely be the “back garden on the sea” for the Yangtze River Delta cities. It has great development prospect for leisure tourism.

    The Xuanshan Island is irregular rectangular-shaped. The distance between the southeastern part and the northwestern part is about 7.95 kilometers long and 2.6 kilometers wide. It covers an area of 6.94 square kilometers. The island has rocky coast, with cliffs around it. The Haizhamen Bridge and Xiaoshanmen Bridge are being planned. The total area of the leisure base project is zbout 800 thousand square meters and the building area is 240 thousand square meters.

    Project Content   A vocation base that integrates sight-seeing, leisure, rehabilitation and sea sports.

    Way of Cooperation  Single proprietorship/joint venture