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    Dongji Island Tourism Comprehensive Development Project

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    Project Name  The Dongji Island Tourism Comprehensive Development Project

    Location Advantages

    Dongji is located at the utmost eastern part of the Zhoushan Island, Zhejiang Province, with rich natural resources and fishery resources. There are totally 28 islands, in which there are population on Maozihu, Qingbang, Huangxing and Dongfushan. Dongji is a county at the utmost eastern part of Zhoushan Island, which is also an utmost eastern border counry of Chines Sea. So it has a fame of  "the east sea polar". The particular location has fix its unique tourist resources. There is extremely beautiful polar view, rich island resources, ancient and simple fishing family custom and unique polar residens. As to transportation, the new Dongji steamer that newly comes into operation has 498 seats, which can reach Dongji from Zhoushan Island in 2 hours.

    Project Introduction

    The Qingbang Island: Making use of “Lisbon Maru” Event, it is planned to build the “Lisbon Maru” wrecked ship historical culture series projects on the Qingbang Island where the rescued English armies hided and to develop the tourist project of exploring the wrecked ship on the sea bottom, extending the “Lisbon Maru” historical cultural tourist projects. Making use of the natural resources, such as stone houses, beaches, reefs, bay and sea food, etc, it is planned to deeply dig the traditional fishing family culture, building countryside vocation hotel on the Qingbang Island.

    The Huangxing Island: Making use of Dongji’s rich fishery resources, build the Dongji international sea fishing base. The Huangxing Island covers a land area of 2,437 square kilometers. The coast line is 11.6 kilometers long. There are almost 200 kinds of economical fishes.

    The Dongfushan Island: Making use of the stone steps, stone streets, stone walls, stone girders, stone strips, stone wells and the once noisy but now mostly silent and abandoned stone house, develop the local intangible cultural heritage and develop the stone house fishery villages as a polar stone house scenic zone which integrates sight-seeing, vocation and leisure, sea fishing and photography.

    The Dongji Island: Dongji is famous for the name of “eastern Hawaii”. It has blue sky, long beaches and blue sea water. These give it great potential to develop diving projects. It is planned to build a diving base on the Dongji Islands.

    Way of Cooperation   single proprietorship/joint venture/cooperation