OCT Group

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    As one of the large-scale central enterprises subordinate to SASAC, OCT Group has adhered to the “market-oriented” principle, conceived a sustainable development road based on people first, has become a large-scale state-owned enterprise group engaged in cross-sector and cross-industry operation. Since 1985 by starting from a stretch of mud flat beside Shenzhen bay, it has fostered three leading major businesses in China, namely tourism and related cultural industry operation, real estate and hotel development and operation and manufacture of electronic and set package products. In November 2009, the major business of OCT has been listed entirely. Then, the several core businesses respectively ranked in the front of the industry and quality resources have been fully integrated, the management system innovation has went up to a new stage and new driving force and vigor have been injected in the high speed running engine of the enterprise. Thereinto, some famous brands are well-known, such as Konka, Splendid China, Window of the World, Happy Valley Chain, Portofino, Interlaken Town, OCT Grand Hotel, Venice Hotel, City Inn and so on.

    Tourism industry is the most influential main business of OCT. Up to 2009, it had accumulated to receive 0.15 billion of people and become the first brand in the travel industry in China. In 2006, Shenzhen OCT Tourism Vacation Zone had been judged by the Civilization Office of Central Communist Party Committee of China, Ministry of Construction and National Tourism Administration for “National Civilized Scenic Spot”, which is the highest honor in the tourism circle in China; in 2007, it has been judged for the first batch of “National 5A Tourist Attraction”. Up to now, OCT has continued to enter the quarter-finals of Global Tourist Attraction Group with above several ten million of visitors per year and has also been the only one Asian enterprise ranking the quarter-finals of Global Theme Park Group. In July 2007, Shenzhen OCT East project had been completed and started trial runs, and obtained the honorary title of First “National Eco-tourism Demonstration Area” in China jointly given by National Tourism Administration and State Environmental Protection Department. Meanwhile, OCT has successfully achieved the cross-regional development and operation of Happy Valley from north to south as well as from west to east, the first theme park chain brand in China, showing the wisdom and practice of OCT in innovation and development.

    Depending on rich cultural tourism resources superiority, OCT has constantly increased the strategic investment in the industries related to tourism culture and successively introduced more than 40 original quality cultural performance products and accumulated to receive nearly 70 million of people. The OCT culture industry is becoming the model of the industry with its unique charm.

    In 2004, OCT had been granted the title of first batch of “National Culture Industry Demonstration Base” by the State Ministry of Culture and had been granted the title of one of the first two “National Culture Industry Demonstration Park Area” by the State Ministry of Culture in August 2007. In 2010, it has been granted the tile of “Top 30 Culture Enterprise” by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC.

    In respect of urban construction and real estate development, OCT had adhered to the development concept of “building city in garden” at the very start to provide people with quality life enjoyment and culture experience; therefore, OCT has become the remarkable green home and the byword of quality life style.

    In respect of hotel development, OCT has successfully introduced the element of theme culture and built the largest theme hotel group in China, including the platinum five-star standard of OCT Grand Hotel themed by Spain culture, the Venice Hotel themed by Italy culture, OCT Interlaken Hotel themed by Switzerland culture, Seaview O City Hotel Shenzhen themed by Southeast Asian culture and City Inn chain hotel etc, being hailed as the best practitioner of culture theme hotel in China by the outside.

    Since entering the new century, OCT group has invested or is investing to construct multiple large-scale comprehensive projects, for example Beijing OCT, Shenzhen OCT East, Shanghai OCT, Shanghai Pujiang OCT, Chengdu OCT, Jiangsu Taizhou OCT, Shenzhen Happy Harbor, Yunnan OCT, Tianjin OCT, Wuhan OCT, Xi’an OCT, Qingdao OCT, and so on, to move towards the whole country, thus realizing the cross-regional and cross-industrial development. With a view to the future historic mission and long-term goals, OCT is moving towards the future and composing more resplendent movement with the guidance of the spirit of the Seventeenth CPC National Congress, through thoroughly applying “Scientific Outlook on Development” and actively performing the social responsibility of enterprise, taking the chance of integral listing, with more innovative and open-end gesture, as well as with powerful vitality and brand-new image.