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    International Tourism Investment Association, registered in Hong Kong, was sponsored by numerous tourism investors and intelligence institutions both at home and abroad. Now it is composed of distinguished domestic and overseas tourism investment enterprises, professional financial investment institutions and investors, tourism developing organizations, well-known tourism investment consultant institutions and so on.

    We are the first and only industrial, non-government and non-profit association founded by tourism investors and tourism investment intelligence institutions. By forging the international platform for communication and cooperation of tourism investment programs, we are trying to introduce a number of competitive tourism products, and provide the investors and local governments with professional consulting service.

     We are dedicated to promote the professionalization, marketization, normalization, and internationalization of developing, investing and operating tourism resources in China.

    We benefit a lot from our association members by their rich successful experiences and practices of research, programme, investment, operation in the tourism industry, which provide us a unique opportunity to integrate and maximize the value created by capital, brains and resources.

    International Tourism Investment Association is a professional services provider, committed to create a communal space for Chinese tourism investors to learn more and progress further.