Viewpoints on China’s Tourism Investment Boom
         China’s tourism has never been so valued and concerned by all levels of government today. Travelers taking more trips and market demands growing, tourism investment becomes a new focus of investors. QUESTION: What is the path for China’s tourism investment in future?   Investment boom will set up a new pattern of China’s tourism. … [View]
        Che Shujian
        "Quality concerns enterprise' sustainable development and its vitality. Only boutique and competitive projects could lead to continuing growth and sustainable development."   [View]
          Chris Yoshii
          "Market potential for tourism investment is huge. But foreign understanding is not well developed.So a clear business plan, mitigate risk and a clear exit strategy are necessary. " [View]
            Zhu Dake
            "The future tourism market belongs to ones who possess the power of comforting nostalgia and inheriting culture." [View]
              Wang Xuguang
              "The key element of operating a successful marine park is a management and technical team with clear mind and strong execution, which is precisely what most domestic marine parks lack of." [View]
                Michael C. Mitchell
                "Why is Experiential Design important to China ? China has the youngest wealthy and professional population in the world controlling 80% of the consumer wealth and their changing lifestyles needs to be targeted to be successful. In order to attract younger consumers in these highly competitive markets, developers are turning to developing lifestyle centers that are fille… [View]
                  Liu Feng
                  "An tourism development take-off acquires creation, culture and technology more than land. " [View]
                    Zhang Guoli
                    "BBC Worldwide will invest tourism projects with good quality but low investment threshold in China." [View]
                      Zhang Cheng
                      "In China, pastoral tourism and leisure industry is more likely to appear in suburban or beautiful countrysides of developed regions, as a way to fulfill people’s yearning for country life in this post-industrial era. [View]
                        Jonathan Casson
                        "Fox intends to bring the world best film resources in to China to create some great tourism projects with the consideration of the market potential and needs." [View]
                          Tom Renger
                          "We are trying to find China partners who brings land, development experience, government backing, capital and track record. Partners leverage Paramount’s brands and expertise to build world class developments." [View]
                            Francik Khalili
                            "Location, Guest Experience, Quality services followed by design concept of nature, culture, life style and operation give outcome for exciting, memorable and successful Tourism Development." [View]
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