The 3rd China Tourism Investment ITIA Award

    1. Man of the Year Award
    Mr. SU Zhigang
    the President of Chimelong Group

     2. Pioneer Award
    Mr. LIU Daoqiang
    the President of Fantawild Holdings Inc.
    Mr. ZHUANG Chenchao
    the CEO of International Ltd.
    Mr. MEI Shuaiyuan
    the President of Beijing Scenery Culture Co. Ltd.
    Ms. SHU Ying
    the President of Beijing Davost Intelligence Group 
    Mr. BAO Jianbin
    the General Manager of Yunnan Mekong Group Co. Ltd.  

    3. Best Tourism Project Award
    Fantawild Theme Parks
    The China Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean World

    4. Best Tourism Complex Project Award
    Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean World
    Haikou Mission Hills Resort

    5. Best Theme Park Award
    Hongkong Ocean Park 

    6. Best Hot Spring Tourism Project Award
    Huaqing Aegean International Hot Spring Hotel
    Brilliant Resort & SPA

    7.Best Historical and Cultural Theme Tourism Project Award
    Ancient City of Taierzhuang
    Tang Paradise

    8. Best Ecotourism Project Award
    Hainan Yanoda Rain Forest Cultural Tourism Zone
    Zhongwei Shapotou Scenic Spot, Ningxia Province 

    9.  Best Tourism Performing Art Award
    Chengde Prosperous Dynasty· Kangxi Grand Ceremony
    Hangzhou Impression West Lake

    10. Best Tourism Hotel Award
    Club Med Guilin Resort 
    Banyan Tree Hangzhou

    11. Best Tourism Investment Destination Award
    Jiuzhaigou Country 
    Hangzhou City

    12.  Best Tourism Investment City Award
    Suzhou City
    Wuyishan City 

    13. Best Tourism Development District Award
    Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi Cultural Industry Park
    Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Tourism Vacation Zone 
    Yunnan Xishuangbanna Resort

    14.Most Potential Investment Tourism Destination Award
     Southwest of Guizhou Province
    Guizhou Chishui City 

    15. Best Tourism Investment Organization Award
    Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Tourism Co. Ltd.
    Chimelong Group

    16.  Best Tourism Investment Service Organization Award
    Digital Tiger Image Co. Ltd.
    Hainan Province Tourism Board

    17. Best Tourism Operator Award
    China Travel Solution International Ltd. 

    18.  Best Tourism Investment Benefits Project Award
    Chimelong Water Park
    Overseas City Town Co. Ltd.

    19. Best Tourism Project Planning and Design Award
    Overall Planning of China Kwun Yam Cultural Tourism Area
    Planning of Guizhou Province Wujiang River Tourism Area

    20. Best Tourism Industry Innovation Award
    Beijing Davost Tourism Investment & Management Co. Ltd.
    The World National Wine Expo of Guizhou Renhuai Chinese Wine Town

Mr. CHE Shujian, Jury Chairman
Prof. GUO Laixi, Jury Chairman
Prof. GUO was retired from Chinese Academy of Science. As the founder of Geography Research Institute of CAS, he had served as director for many years. He also is Adjunct Professor of 9 universities including Peking University, Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China. So far, Prof. GUO has published 12 books about development of tourism.   … [View]
Mr. XU Muhan
Mr. XIA Yan
Chairman and Chief Designer of Xiayan Garden Culture Art Group Chairman of Changzhou Xiayan Sanqin Tourism Development Co., Ltd Former Deputy Director of Shenyang Tourist Administration Researcher of Faculty of Humanities of Tsinghua University Executive Vice-President of Tsinghua University Culture Industry (Guangdong) Planning Design and Research Ins… [View]
Mr. LI Tao
Mr. LI Tao SKYLINE International President As the founder of Skyline with 20 years of professional experience in architecture and urban planning, he is a pioneer and a leader in partnering with top world renown U.S. design leaders in their fields by bringing high international level quality of architectural services with deep understanding of diverse clients and … [View]
Ms. ZHANG Ping
Ms. ZHANG Ping is the president of the China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd, which is one of the core subsidiaries of the most powerful Chinese tourism entity listed in HK stock exchange, namely Hong Kong China Travel Service Corporation. Under her leadership,China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd. has become the most influential travel company over tourist busin… [View]
Mr. ZHOU Anwei
Zhou Anwei is the chief planner of China Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Commission and member of the Party Leadership Group. He takes charge of Tourism Planning Division (Provincial Tourism Planning Commission Office) and Tourism Development Division. He holds the Master Degree in engineering as a senior engineer and registered City Planner. He has worked as the… [View]
Mr. MEI Hong
  Mr. MEI Hong CEO of Dingsheng Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman of China Tourism Performing Arts Alliance Chairman of Chinese Film Alliance. Award winner of China’s annually Best Media Industry Investors Winner of China Creative Industry Annual Awards Winner of the Top 10 Contribution Person of Cultural Tourism In… [View]
Mr. LI Zhensheng
Li Zhensheng, Graduated from Xi’an JiaoTong University Management School with Bachelor of Management Degree, EMBA.  Mr. Li served as Chief Investment Director for Fosun Group, Senior Investment Officer for Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Co., Ltd.. Mr. Li operated several well-known business and travel investment projects in fields like ecological construction, t… [View]
Mr. JIA Yunfeng
Mr. JIA Yunfen China’s renowned expert in tourism marketing strategy and branding Director of China Leisure & Tourism Culture Research Center CEO of D & J Global Communications Mr. Jia Yunfeng is invited as senior marketing consultant by a number of municipal governments and tourism bureaus including Shandong province, Henan province, Jiangsu prov… [View]
Dr. LIU Feng
Mr. LIN Wenzhong
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