The 3rd China Tourism Project Investment Conference

    Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is known as Sunrise Industry because of its long-term good prospects. Now China's vibrant tourism industry has shown rapid development trend. With the development of stable acceleration of China's tourism industry, and under the Government guidance, the investment of most tourism projects has gradually taken the private or enterprise investment as its main mode.

    2013 China Tourism Projects Investment Conference will bring in international tourism projects and high-end cooperation platform. It aims at creating famous international tourism project for China, takes world-leading design of tourism projects as a linker and international investment capital as a supporter, and then provides capital and intelligence for domestic investment businesses and local governments.

    Ⅱ.Organization Structure
    1. Organizer:
    International Tourism Investment Association

    2. Joint organizer:
    Beijing Davost Intelligence Group

    3. Co-organizers
    AECOM Technology Corporation
    Commercial and tourism Real Estate Professional Committee of China Real Estate Association
    D&G Global Communication Group
    Guangzhou Huizhi Tourist Attraction Management Co. Ltd
    China’a Real Estate Service

    4. Undertakers:
    Beijing Unionstrong Media Culture Development Co., Ltd.

    5. Sponsor:
    Beijing Xiayan Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd

    6.Media support:
    Exclusive net portal media:
    news internet portal
    Chinese internet portal media:
    English internet portal media:
     financial internet portal
     real estate internet portal
    Web TV media: CCTV net travel channel
    Other media supporter: CCTV, BTV, CETV, TSTV, CNR, CRI, 21CN,, The Investor, The First Financial Daily, Economic Information Daily, Securities Daily, China Economic Times, International Finance News, The Economic Observer Newspaper, Contemporary Handler,, Xinhua net,, Ifeng,,, Netease (, SouFuncom etc.

    Ⅲ. Purpose of the conference
    • To promote Chinese tourism resources development
    • To achieve the specialization, standardization, globalization of investment, implementation and management

    Ⅳ. Theme
    Investment and Construction of New Tourism Destination

    V. Activity Content
    1.Time & Location: June 14 —15, 2013 Beijing, China

    • Opening Ceremony
    • The Fifty-people Forum about Tourism Investment

    • Tourism Investment and Financing Forum

    • Tourism Investment Projects Planning and Services Forum 

    • Tourism Projects Finance and Investment Matchmaking
    • Business Buffet Lunch
    • Business social time
    • The Night of China Tourism Investment Banquet

    3.Topics for discussion:
     • Latest Trends and Features in International Tourism Development and Investment
    • Feature Analysis of Tourism Complex Investment and its Choice
    • How to Construct a New Type Tourism Destination
    • Design and Selection of Tourism Core in Tourism Complex Projects
    • Case Analysis of the Latest Investment of Tourism Complex Projects in China
    • Rural Tourism Complex Construction’s Relation to New Pattern Urbanization
    • Re-discussion on Further Integration of Culture and Tourism
    • The Brand is King -- the Brand Strategy of Tourism Investment Enterprises 
    • How Far away the Tourism Enterprises are from IPO?
    • Discussion on Tourism Projects Investment Solution
    • Introduction and Cooperation of International Tourism Investment Projects
    • The Database of International Introduced Tourism Investment Projects
    • Release of Top 20 Innovative Tourism Complex in China



Mr. GU Chaoxi
Mr. HU Zhaohong
Mr. ZHANG Baoquan
Mr. Yoshii Chris
Ms.Darshan Santuori
Mr. FANG Weidong
Mr. ZHANG Minggeng
Mr. Frankic
Mr. LI Tao
Mr. GUO Jing
Mr. Jere Ruotsalainen
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    Conference dimensions:   500 people

    tourism investment organizations
    100 tourism leaders of local governments
    100 tourism investment financial institutions and relevant service providers and operators

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